SBOA Students Use "110" for School Code

What PiVerb Offers

Math Online Coaching by PiVerb for SBOA School and Junior College students

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  • Online Math Testing and Learning Course
    • Practice rigorously to reinforce fundamentals
  • Synchronized access on Web and App
    • Completely Online - available over Web and over Mobile App
  • 2 Tests per week; 60 Tests per year
    • All questions come with detailed video solutions
  • Know where you stand, fill learning gaps
    • Detailed analytics provide valuable insights

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If you have already registered, type your Email id and Password in the spaces provided here.

If you want to register for the first time, click on the above button (in the above section) that says "Sign up to check Course".

If you have any issues during the sign up process, kindly send a WhatsApp message to 9445948484/9176628484 or email us at .

Offered Courses

How to use the course ?

Refer to the video on "How to use the Course?". You will get regular updates about your child’s performance to the registered email id. Parent’s email address is the gateway to the course, so please tell your ward to remember this clearly including punctuation used.

How to Signup ?

  • If you are visiting PiVerb for the first time, Click on the big green button that says “Sign up to Check the Course”
    This opens a box that asks for your email address and password
    The email-address is the login id, so kindly enter an email address that you use regularly and ask the child to remember this.
    Choose a password that your ward can remember easily. We would recommend the roll number.

  • Once you click on “Sign up for Free”, there is a form that collects simple data – Name, Mobile Number, Class, Section and School Code.
    For School Code, type “110” for “SBOA School and Junior College"

  • As soon as you register, a page opens up that says “Welcome to PiVerb. Happy Learning”.
    Under “Offered Courses” you will find three courses named “SBOA JC Class 6”, “SBOA JC Class 7” and “SBOA JC Class 8”.

  • Click on the relevant course and then click on the big green box that says “Enrol for Free”.

  • After this, have a look at the course and take “Sample test” to know how to choose/type options and see video solutions for each question.

Email Verification

Once you create an account, PiVerb will send a verification email to your email address. This is to ensure that the email address is legitimate. Kindly respond to the email by clicking on the green box that says “Confirm” button in the Email. If you do not find the email under regular tabs inside the email inbox (in few minutes from signing up), do check the spam folder in your email for the same. Click on, mark as not spam, available at the top of the email. The email will then be restored to your main inbox.
Note: Confirm your email within 3 days or your email will be suspended.

Piverb Signup: Mail 1

Piverb Signup: Mail 2

With this, the registration process is complete. Note that we will not send any email or sms beyond what is absolutely required for the course. We will not share email address or phone number with anyone.

The following video also explains this process clearly:

At the end of the registration process, please revert to and go through the rest of the website. It will give you all the details about us and the course. If you have any issues during the sign up process, kindly send a WhatsApp message to 9445948484/9176628484 or email us at .

Also, go through the login process, and teach your ward how to login a couple of times. Visit this page to understand how to use the course properly: PiVerb Learning Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Important facts that you should know about PiVerb Math Online Coaching

Yes, once you sign up as a user, we will send you a confirmation email. You need to click "CONFIRM" button in the email to get continued access to the course.

Yes, you can take the test at anyplace.

Yes, if you have a music class in the evening you can take the test in the morning or if you have karate in the evening then take test in the night. It is your choice. You can take the test anytime you want but within the time period.

Yes, our course works on any Computer, Mobile Phone, Tablet. Preferably on Google Chrome browser.

No, If you can Play YouTube video without any glitch then you are set to access your course without any interruption.

Yes, we provide detailed video solution for each and every question. We also provide detailed text based solutions that explain each and every step.

Yes, you can. But, only the first attempt is considered for the Leaderboard and Analytics.

Click forgot password in the Login Dialog box on the home page, once you enter your email ID, click proceed. You will receive an email with a link, click that link and set a new password.

We would love to hear from you. You can reach us at or you can speak with us on +91-9445948484/+91-9176628484

Where is PiVerb located?

PiVerb Online Math Coaching
A Fermat Education Initiative,
10-C, Kalinga Colony, Bobbili Raja Salai
K.K.Nagar, Chennai. India. Pin - 600 078

How to reach PiVerb?

Phone: (91) 44 4505 8484
Mobile: (91) 99626 48484
WhatsApp: WhatsApp Now