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Challenging Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Questions.

Assess Students' Problem Solving & Logical Reasoning Ability.

Elite group of students from 5+ countries taking the test.

Personalized feedback on Strengths & Improvements post Test.

Sample Questions for PiMO

Pi (For class 5 and 6)

Observe the sequence 9, 91, 19, 911, 191, 119, 9111, 1911, 1191, 1119, ...
What is the 45th term of the sequence?

There are 20 cities in a country. Each pair of cities is connected by an air route. How many air routes are there?

Who is Guilty?

Tau (For class 7 and 8)

n is a natural number and (n + 2) (n + 4) is odd. Then the biggest power of 2 that divides (n + 1) (n + 3) for any n is?

Which of the following can never be a common factor of 287 + x and 378 + x where x can be any natural number?

p, p + 50, p + 100 are all prime numbers. Find the largest value of p - 2.

PiMO Syllabus

Level Syllabus
Pi (π)
(Class 5 & 6)
The test may include questions from the topics:
Number Theory
Logical Reasoning
Tau (Τ)
(Class 7 & 8)
The test may include questions from the topics:
Number Theory
Logical Reasoning
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many students take PiMO?
Every year, 3000+ students take the PiMO test, including the DAV group.
Furthermore, elite students from 5+ countries participate in the olympiad.
What is PiVerb Advance course mentioned in the prizes?
PiVerb Advanced is a comprehensive mathematics course that caters to the students of 6th grade to 9th grade.
The syllabus will absolutely be the same as that of school's. The focus of PiVerb advanced will be on the application of the mathematical concepts already learned at school. Thus, we will not ask to find the seventh root of a number, or any such hard problems, to a 6th standard child. Hence, the course will fortify the child’s math fundamentals before moving ahead!
PiVerb Advanced has two main offerings: PiVerb Advanced Live Course and PiVerb Advanced Self-paced Course. Please head onto to know more about the courses that we offer.
What is the Summer camp mentioned about in the prizes?
Our summer camp is a series of online live classes that will happen in the April 2022. The summer camp is an excellent opportunity for you and your child to experience what PiVerb is all about. If your child can enjoy the live classes and take value, then you can be more confident signing up for the 1-year course.
Who is eligible to take PiMO?
Any student of class 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th who is interested in mathematics can participate in PiMO.
Is there any prize giveaway for the toppers of PiMO?
Total prizes of worth ₹10 lakhs would be presented to the best performers.
The top 10 performers in PiMO would have an exclusive access to the PiVerb 2022 Summer Camp!!
The top 100 students would receive digital merit certificates!!
Top 10% of the students would be given access to the PiVerb Advanced online course!
What’s the registration fee for participating in PiMO?
The registration fee for PiMO is ₹499.
However, the registration fee is waived off (COMPLETELY FREE) for all the applicants registering before Feb 12th, 2022.
What is the syllabus of the PiMO?
The syllabi for the PiMO is pretty straightforward:
Pi Batch (Class 5th and 6th students): Number Theory, Counting, Integers and Logical Reasoning.
Tau Batch (Class 7th and 8th students): Number Theory, Counting, Integers, Combinatorics and Logical Reasoning.
How to contact PiVerb for further details about PiMO?
We believe all the details are already available on the page:
Nonetheless, if you still like to approach us fir further elucidation, please don’t hesitate to reach us out on WhatsApp at (+91) 9445948484.
You are also more than welcome to mail us at
When and where is PiMO happening?
PiMO is an international math olympiad that can be taken online at home!
The test window begins at 10:00 AM IST on February 18th, 2022 and ends at 6:00 PM IST on February 20th 2022.
The duration of the test is one hour.
When is the last date to register for PiMO?
The last date to register for PiMO is February 12th, 2022.