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Who teaches at PiVerb?

Did you have that one math teacher who struck a chord when you were young? We at PiVerb hope we can be that companion, not just for one year but throughout.

Rajesh Balasubramanian

Rajesh sir is a graduate of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore. He is a passionate math teacher who has two decades’ of teaching experience and has scored 100th percentile in CAT on 4 occasions.

Rajesh sir thoroughly enjoys solving (and explaining) AMTI Olympiad level math questions. He holds the view that our education system does not push students hard enough to build intuition. In many ways, PiVerb is a creation to fill this gap, allowing students to gain skill sets needed to crack exams such as the AMTI Math Olympiad.


The PiVerb Advanced explained

Course Philosophy

  • Focus on concept application & quality of the questions rather than rote learning.
    In lieu of teaching differentiation for class 7, we delve deep into why −4 × −4 = +16 equipping students with tools to crack AMTI math olympiad level questions.

This course ticks the boxes if you want your child to

  • Prepare for AMTI Math Olympiad, JEE, SAT in the future and experience math beyond mundane school content.

How this helps the children

  • Students will enjoy math while improving their logical reasoning skills.
    In the process, they will be able to apply their learning and crack AMTI olympiads in the short term.


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What you get with PiVerb Advanced

Through our online classes, Students can

Image Learn the modularized concepts at their own pace through the unique slideo format (slides+video) with theory and chapter-wise olympiad level tests available online 24x7.

Our Intuition Builder Provides

Image A solid, no-frills interface that is categorized into a chapter-wise format. Students gain maximum value addition through a study time of 2 hrs/week by solving premium quality questions in the form of AMTI olympiad level data sufficiency and assertion reasoning.

Olympiad Builder Consists Of

Image The pedagogy is school board agnostic and focuses on non-routine, quality at par with AMTI olympiad math problems built around the idea of application and reasoning. Our recorded live sessions enable consumption for one full year in addition to weekly live classes for 2 hours.

Why our students love us...

We offer high quality content to everyone, across platforms. No wonder our competitors speak highly of us

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Performance Reports for Consumption

Detailed reports on scores and usage, ensuring that the student does not slack off, and monthly WhatsApp reports for parents to monitor students’ progress.

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World Class peer group to learn with & from

The student will learn, compete and interact with bright students from Singapore, USA, Dubai, UK & Europe. This ensures that the students gain exposure to a peer group beyond school.

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Mentors for Constant Guidance

Dedicated and skilled mentors who build a quality personal rapport with the students and help clarify doubts, assure that the students are on the right path, and meet with parents for regular status updates every term.

Sample Videos from the Course

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Number of 3's

When we write down numbers from 1 to 100, how many times does the digit 3 get written down?

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Twin Primes

Prove that sum of two twin primes will always be a multiple of 12.

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200th Digit

What is the 200th digit of the number 122333444455555666666.........

Feature Icon

Two Squares

Two Squares of side 1 have a common center. Show that the area of their intersection is greater than ¾.

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Six-Digit number

A six-digit number is a multiple of 77 and 143. If the third digit of the number is 7, what is the remainder when the number is divided by 10?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course caters to students of which grade?
Any student interested in math between the classes of of 6th to 9th standard is likely to get maximum value from the course content.
Is the syllabus required for the course same as school's?
The syllabus will absolutely be the same as that of school's. The main focus of PiVerb will be on the application of the concepts already learned in school. Hence we will not ask the 6th root of a 7 digit number to a 6th standard kid in the name of asking difficult questions. The focus will be on depth and not on getting ahead. This ensures that the syllabus taught in school serves as a sufficient base for the students.
Is this an alternative to maths tuition class?
Definitely not! PiVerb Advanced will not focus on helping students practice 100 questions of the same concepts being taught at school. Our focus will be on non-routine math problems that the students are likely to face in Olympiads or other math based competitive exams. These questions typically test the applicability of a concept rather than focussing on practice which is typically the focus of tuition centres.
How is the course structured?
PiVerb Advanced has two main offerings:
In the PiVerb Advanced Live course, we have recorded videos and Live sessions. The recorded videos have Rajesh sir taking the students through a series of curated questions on a pen and a board that usually mimics the blackboard infrastructure of the classroom. The videos are classified based on different topics. Each topic typically would not have more than 10 questions with detailed explanation of the answers. In addition to this, there are live sessions held once a week for 2 hours. The live class primarily solves the purpose of keeping students motivated and clarifying their doubts.

In the Piverb Advanced Self-Paced course: We offer the same curated recorded lessons that can be viewed an unlimited number of times. The recorded videos have Rajesh sir taking the students through a series of curated questions on a pen and a board that usually mimics the blackboard infrastructure of the classroom. The videos are classified based on different topics. Each topic typically would not have more than 10 questions with detailed explanation of the answers. The mentors solve the purpose of keeping students motivated and clarifying their doubts. Live weekly sessions are not included in the self-paced course.
How many hours would my child have to spend on this?
We believe that your child can gain maximum value out of this course by spending around 1 hour/day on the recorded content and attending the 2 hours of live sessions per week. As all things in life, your child would gain the most value by building a habit of being on the platform everyday.
What is the Summer camp mentioned about in the website?
Our summer camp is a series of online live classes that will happen in the second half of April, 2021. The summer camp is an excellent opportunity for you and your child to experience what PiVerb is all about. If your child is able to enjoy the live classes and take value, then you can be more confident signing up for the 1 year course.
How is the summer camp and the full year course different ?
The summer camp is a one time initiative with a series of live classes in April. The full time course is valid for the full academic year and has a huge collection of recorded videos in addition to the weekly live classes. Thus the summer camp is a trailer to the main picture that is the full 1 year course.
How long is the course valid ?
The course is valid for the full academic year. During this tenure, the student can watch the video any number of times.
My child is finding the course content very hard. Is there an easier starting point from where we can build on this?
As the name suggests, PiVerb advanced course content is designed to be hard. As the student gets a hang of the content, it is likely to become more manageable. Hence, it is important for the student to spend at least a month exploring the course as the first month is definitely likely to be hard for all the students. However if the student feels the content is still hard to grasp, we have a basics section in the course which can be used by the student to revise/build their fundamentals for the various topics.
What are the devices in which the course can be viewed on?
The course content can be viewed on any device with a google chrome browser. To drive attentiveness, we suggest students to view the content on a desktop/laptop with a chrome browser. However, if your children should see it on mobile, our apps are live on google app-store from where it can be downloaded and consumed.
Is the course relevant to only students of Indian education systems?
While PiVerb is based out of India, this course is definitely relevant to students from other regions as well. As mentioned, any parent who believes math should be a strength for their child will definitely find this relevant. In fact, the source of many of the questions in the course can be traced back to countries as diverse as Russia, Japan, USA etc. Hence the course and the concepts are relevant beyond a particular geography.
How can my child get his/her doubts clarified ?
In addition to the recorded sessions, there will be a live online session every week with Rajesh sir for students enrolled in PiVerb Advanced Live. This session will provide a platform for the students to interact with Rajesh sir to get their doubts clarified while also reinforcing the concepts. For students enrolled in the PiVerb Advanced Self-Paced course, mentors build a personal rapport with the students and help clarify doubts.
What is the difficulty level of questions?
The questions typically are at olympiad levels. They are non-routine questions that the students are not likely to encounter in their schools. We strongly suggest you to see the sample videos to get a good sense about the kind of questions that are present in the course
What is the cost of the course?
The PiVerb Advanced Live would cost INR 24,000 (incl. GST). This includes access to all lessons, unlimited number of times, and a live classroom session every week.
The PiVerb Advanced Self-Paced would cost INR 18,000 (incl. GST). This includes access to all lessons, unlimited number of times, without the live classroom session component
What is the course fee for the summer camp?
INR 4000
Is there any added advantage of being part of the PiVerb community?
While the core premise of PiVerb continues to be the pedagogy, students as part of the PiVerb community get an incredible opportunity to interact with other students of similar level across the world. This ensures that your child benchmark themselves with the best beyond their schools helping them learn from each other and also benefit from the competitive zeal that arises when he/she sees the best students from across the world.
I have some more questions/I want to register- How do I reach out?
You can call/whatsapp us on or email to us at . We will respond within 24 hours to any queries that you have.
There are lots of videos! What is the one video that I need to see as a parent to see what is this all about?
We strongly urge you to see the video "What is inside Piverb Advanced Course?". It is a slightly long video but really captures the essence of PiVerb Advanced and the kind of questions that are present in the course. Click here to watch

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