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Rajesh Sir’s Style of Teaching!

Why Sum of 3 Angles in Triangle is 180-Degrees?

When we write down numbers from 1 to 100, how many times does the digit 3 get written down?

What is the 200th digit of the number 122333444455555666666.........?

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About Summer Camp

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At ̶INR 2499 INR 1999

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Who teaches at PiVerb?

Did you have that one math teacher who struck a chord when you were young? We at PiVerb hope we can be that companion, not just for one year but throughout.

Rajesh Balasubramanian

Rajesh is a graduate of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore. He has scored 100th percentile in CAT on 4 occasions. Rajesh is a passionate math teacher and has two decades’ worth teaching-experience.

Rajesh thoroughly enjoys solving (and explaining) Olympiad questions. He holds the view that our education system does not push students hard enough to build intuition. In many ways, Piverb is a creation to fill this gap.


Register for PiVerb Summer Camp

At ̶INR 2499 INR 1999

Hear it from our students and parents

  • Customer Testimonails

    It was good to see my kids take interest in summer camp at Piverb. The questions but very different from routine and made them tickle their minds. Rajesh is definitely the best teacher my kids could learn under. Though Maths is not a subject many children love but he knows the trick of making solutions interesting and fun to learn! I'm happy that both my kids are in love with the subject now. Thankyou Piverb, thank you Rajesh.

    Devna Parent
  • Customer Testimonails

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Summer Camp a lot. The questions were very tricky and at times mind boggling. I just love the way Rajesh sir explains the solutions to all the problems. Looking forward to more such classes.

    Daksh Student
  • Customer Testimonails

    PiVerb is a great platform to create amazing interest in Maths and to learn maths in depth.. it is so fascinating that my children now enjoy Maths and try to solve unconventional maths problems .. Thanks Rajesh sir and his team

    Bhardwaj Parent
  • Customer Testimonails

    Maths is not a subject I dislike any more. Thanks to Summer camp@Piverb! The questions were not easy at all and made us think a lot. Getting a 5/10 was an achievement...such was the difficulty level of questions! But I enjoyed the way Rajesh sir explains the solutions.

    Disha Student
  • Customer Testimonails

    It was my first PiVerb class. I love this class because the way of teaching is very nice, the questions they ask are very interesting. Sir cleared our doubts very nicely and calmly. This is my best holiday utilization.

    Nimisha Student
  • Customer Testimonails

    PiVerb faculty’s way of explaining the concept is very very impressive and my daughter liked the way concepts have been explained. This is one of the online classes which has generated so much interest in her that now she is geared up to do one year course. Thanks to Piverb.

    Naveen Parent

Register for PiVerb Summer Camp

At ̶INR 2499 INR 1999

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PiVerb Math Summer Camp?
PiVerb Math Summer Camp is a highly interesting online math event that is scheduled to happen during the month of May & June 2022. The camp is essentially a series of interactive sessions that aim to feed the students a sense of non-routine mathematics. Every child, who is a math enthusiast, should never miss out on this wonderful opportunity.
Who can take part in the Summer Camp?
The PiVerb Math Summer Camp is exclusively for the children between the age-group of 10 –14. Typically, any student from class 5 to 9 is welcome to attend the camp.
When is the PiVerb Math Summer Camp Happening?
The PiVerb Summer Camp is scheduled to happen in two batches; one is from May 2nd to May 7th, and the other from May 30th to June 4th. Furthermore, there are two time slots to choose in each batch. Please refer to our website or brochure for the time slot details.
What is the Registration Fee for the PiVerb Summer Camp?
The registration fee for the PiVerb Math Summer Camp is 2499 INR. However, the price is slashed to 1999 INR for all the registrations before April 15th, 2022.
Who Handles the Classes at the Summer Camp?
All the sessions are handled by Rajesh sir, who is an alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore. To know more about him, head on to
What Exactly Happens at the PiVerb Math Summer Camp?
PiVerb Math Summer Camp is a super-interesting event that entails a series of live classes, interactive sessions, and individual & group problem-solving. Every session involves interactions with Rajesh sir and elite peer group across 5+ countries! The 45 minutes live class, 60 minutes of individual solving, followed by 15 minutes peer interaction is indeed exciting!
What is the Non-Routine Math Mentioned in the Brochure and Website?
Non-routine math is basically a deviation from regular mathematics taught at school, hence the name “non-routine!” Instead of just plugging in the memorized formulae and ending up solving problems that are rather boring, the non-routine math demands the students to display strong critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills.
Why Should my Child Attend the PiVerb Math Summer Camp?
PiVerb Math Summer Camp is once-a-year opportunity for class 5 to 9 students who have a great appetite for mathematics. We completely understand that as a parent, you are looking to quench your child’s thirst by providing them with the best quality math content. Go nowhere! The PiVerb Math Summer Camp is the one-stop solution! With the interactive live sessions with Rajesh sir and elite peer group from 5+ countries, you surely do not want to miss out on this. Or do you?? Think no more – go to [ website and register your child in the PiVerb Math Summer Camp 2022!