1. A cube of edge 4cms is painted red externally. It is then cut into one cm cubes. How many of these do not have red paint on any face?

    1. 4
    2. 8
    3. 56
    4. 16
    Correct Answer: Choice B
  2. Three counters A, B and C are colored with three different colors red, blue and white. Of the following statements only one is true.
    1. A is Red.
    2. B is not Red.
    3. C is not Blue.
    What is the color of each counter?

    Correct Answer: A - Blue
    B - Red
    C - White
  3. Square papers of black and white are arranged as shown
    alternating squares There are totally 80 squares. The number of white squares is ________ .

    Correct Answer: 39
  4. Amith, Bharath, Chithra and Deepa are friends and one among them committed a crime. They made the following statements. If only one of the statements is true, find who was guilty.
    Amith: Bharath did it.
    Bharath: Deepa did it.
    Chithra: I did not do it.
    Deepa: Bharath lied when he said I did it.

    Correct Answer: Chitra is Guilty