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What you get with PiVerb SOF IMO Olympiad trainer

3 full length mock-tests

You get 3 full length mock tests that is replicated from the previous years’ SOF IMO Math Olympiad papers. The tests are pegged at the SOF IMO level with a similar pattern with MCQs and negative marking. Taking these mocks will give your children the confidence and be ready for the actual SOF IMO olympiad.

Unique Instruction Medium

Every practice question is accompanied by detailed video solution. This ensures students understand the how and why rather jut knowing what is the answer

Chapter Wise breakup

Chapter wise tests to help students revise and take tests at a topic level. Present across 20+ chapters with each chapter having at least 2 tests.

Extensive Practice Questions

300+ questions acorss topics ensures your child is geared for the actual SOF IMO. All practice questions have been created and carefully curated to reflect the level of SOF IMO.

Become an SOF-IMO Olympiad Topper todayBUY NOW @ INR 499

Become an SOF-IMO Olympiad Topper todayBUY NOW @ INR 499

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International Math Olympiad (IMO)

All you need to know about the IMO


The International Mathematics Olympiad is a Mathematics competition organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation. The SOF IMO is designed to test the knowledge and potential of students in Mathematics. Students who participate in the IMO are able to assess their understanding of the subject and their ability to tackle different types of sums with respect to their peers at the school, city, zonal as well as international level. In addition to providing students with self-assessment, the International Math Olympiad also offers a host of awards and scholarships to the achievers.
The only caveat to remember is while the mathematics test of SOF has been branded as IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad), it is not really an Olympiad in the traditional sense of the word. This is conducted by an independent organization and does not provide any route to representing India in actual international Olympiads. However, the SOF IMO is a great benchmarking tool for students across schools/cities to know where they stand and give them an introduction to the world of competitive exams.

IMO Exam pattern

The SOF IMO is being conducted in the online proctored mode since 2020 given the pandemic. As per the notification on the official website of IMO, the test will be monitored in the same manner until informed otherwise. The International Mathematics Olympiad is conducted at two levels by the SOF, the details of which are provided below.

This mathematics Olympiad is conducted at two levels

Level 1) The first level of the exam is organized in the respective schools of the participants during school hours only. It is an objective-type test having duration of 60 minutes comprising of 35 objective-type questions for classes 1 to 4 and 50 objective-type questions for classes 5 to 12.

The exam consists of 4 sections:
Section 1) Logical Reasoning
Section 2) Mathematical Reasoning
Section 3) Everyday Mathematics
Section 4) Achiever’s section

Level 2) The Level 2 is conducted for students of classes 3 to 12. The qualifiers to second round include the following:

School level: The Class topper in the case where 10 or more students from Class attempt Level 1 and score a minimum aggregate of 50% marks.
Zone/State level: The first top 25 rank holders from each class and zone are considered.
International Level: The top 5 percent of the candidates, class-wise, who appear in Level 1 internationally are considered.

IMO Syllabus and marking scheme

IMO, Syllabus and Marking Scheme
Class Section No of Questions Marks/Question Total Marks
Classes 1 to 4 Logical Reasoning 10 1 10
Mathematical Reasoning 10 1 10
Everyday Mathematics 10 1 10
Achiever's Section 5 2 10
Total Questions 35 Total Marks 40
Classes 5 to 12 Logical Reasoning 15 1 15
Mathematical Reasoning 20 1 20
Everyday Mathematics 10 1 10
Achiever's Section 5 3 15
Total Questions 50 Total Marks 60

As per the syllabus of the International Mathematics Olympiad, the question papers are set according to the curriculum of the respective class. Each class has a separate question paper. The questions from different chapters of Mathematics are categorized into the sections of Logical Reasoning, Mathematical Reason, Everyday Mathematics, and Achievers Section as per the International Mathematics Olympiad Syllabus. The syllabi of ICSE/ISC, CBSE, and State Board are followed for designing the question papers of the respective classes

Selection Process

The selection process of the IMO comes into play in the case of the Level 2 exams. There are certain criteria set for the IMO selection process for the 2nd level Olympiad exams which are as under

• The 2nd level IMO exam is conducted for students from Class 3 onwards.
• Class-wise the topmost 5% of the students as per the results of the Level 1 exams are selected for the 2nd Level IMO exams.
• Different sections are given due priority in terms of the marks scored in the exams.
The top 25 rank holders (zone-wise) from each class are regarded as qualified in the selection process.
Each participating school’s class topper where 10 students at least from a class appear in the IMO Level 1 exam and obtain 50% qualifying marks.

IMO Awards

IMO Awards
Level Rank Awards
Level 1(Zonal) 1 to 25th Certificate of distinction + medal of distinction
26th Onwards Certificate of participation
Level2(Zonal) 1st Certificate of Zonal Excellence + Gold Medal + Gift worth INR 1000/-each
2nd Certificate of Zonal Excellence + Silver Medal + Gift worth INR 1000/-each
3rd Certificate of Zonal Excellence + Bronze Medal + Gift worth INR 1000/-each
4th - 10th Medal of Distinction + Gift worth INR 500/-each + Certificate of Distinction (only for Classes 1 & 2)
11th - 25th Medal of Distinction + Certificate of Distinction (only for Classes 1 & 2)
26th Onwards Merit Certificate
Level 2(International) 1st Gold Medal + Certificate of Outstanding Performance + INR 50,000 each
2nd Silver Medal + Certificate of Outstanding Performance + INR 25,000 each
3rd Bronze Medal + Certificate of Outstanding Performance + INR 10,000 each

IMO Exam dates

SOF usually conducts the International Mathematics Olympiad in December. Below is a tentative timeline for IMO exam dates, considering the exam dates of IMO previous year.

IMO Exam Dates
Date 1 1st week of December
Date 2 4th week of December
date 3 1st week of January

Registration process

There are two ways to apply for the SOF IMO
1) Through your School/Institution
2) Individually by the students

1) For applying through your school
Prospectus containing the Registration forms of all exams are sent to all schools registered with SOF Olympiad. Schools not registered may also request for prospectus by sending an e-mail at info@sofworld.org or phone call. Schools must return the registration forms to SOF Olympiad, duly filled in and complete in all respects by the due date.

2) Registration by the students
Step 1:- Go to sofworld.org
Step 2:- On the landing page, there is a tab called – Online Registration for School and Students, click on that.
Step 3:- Once you do this, you’ll be taken to a page where there are 3 options to choose from. Choose Registration by students.
Step 4:- Once you do that the student registration form will open in front of you. In that form you’ve to fill in the details. In that application form you have to fill in the six-digit school code allocated by SOF. For this code you have to talk to your child’s school and ask the teacher/Admin office to get this six-digit SOF school code. And fill the other details carefully.
Step 5:- Selecting the exams
a. This is one of the crucial parts of your application process. Please Select the Olympiad Exams you wish to participate.
b. Once you fill up this part, the Olympiad section will open to you.
c. For each exam there’s a fee of 150 Rs to be paid. You can select any one of them, for example SOF IMO or you can select however and how many exams you want to appear for.
This is how you select the subject you and your child want to appear for.
For example, if you select SOF IMO then you’ll be able to notice 150 Rs will be added to your cart.
Step 6:- Making the payment
After this you have to submit the application form. Once you submit the application form, it will take you to the payment gateway. Once you make the payment, your registration will be completed.

How to prepare for SOF IMO?

Mathematics as a subject itself tend to give jitters to many students. Sometimes it may feel like that SOF IMO is a pandora box (Just kidding: p). With consistent hard work, and discipline study pattern it is most definitely possible to crack this exam. The student is required to put in the number of hours because to understand and solve the Olympiad Level Problems. Students are often seen worried about how to start preparing for the IMO exam. Here are some tips to excel in the IMO.

1. Know the exam pattern and syllabus properly
The Olympiad exams curate their questions paper based on the respective classes school curriculum. This will come advantageous for the students as they know the area of expertise from where they can expect to be questioned. Therefore, it’s really for the student know the complete syllabus in detail of their current curriculum.

2. Get the right study companion
Once you’re enough with what is the exam pattern, and the syllabus of the exam the next step would be choose the right study material. Unlike the regular school exams, the Olympiad do not expect you to cram the entire book. So, identifying the right kind of course based on your comprehension style is uber crucial. Make sure, the course you choose must cover all the content and topics relevant to IMO. It must also cover the Math Olympiad Questions for practice to help you to ramp up your game.

3. Practice makes permanence
There is no shortcut when it comes to this aspect of exam preparation. The only way to obtain a good rank top rank is to pour a large amount of time into practice sessions. Make sure you practice as many problems as possible. This will allow you to concentrate on your problems and to think outside the box.

4. Get the fundamentals right
The IMO level questions are conceptual i.e. the questions asked are not based on the direct knowledge of the concepts, but the understanding of applications of concepts is needed. As mathematics, itself is an application subject, cramming the concepts of the problem-solving methods is of no use to the students. You should know the application of the concepts as well and for this you can go through the "Achiever’s Section" where questions are based on an advanced level application of concepts. You should understand the concept and the pattern and should practice Mathematical Olympiad sample questions based on the exact pattern of the level 1 IMO question papers last year.

5. Mock test and practice paper
Once you understand the concepts and learn to solve different problems, the next most obvious step is to take up the mock papers. Practice as many IMO exam sample papers and Previous Years’ Olympiad question papers you can get hold of. Practicing these will improve your problem-solving skills, analytical skills along with accuracy and speed. It also boosts your confidence in order to take up the actual exam. Also, these tests and practice sessions are great for self-assessment. It will help you to identify your preparation levels of the entire syllabus along with analyzing your strong and weak points. Knowing them will be of great help too for your revision session. Knowing your weak areas will help you to concentrate more on them allowing you to convert them to your strength for better performance.

We at Piverb have been training several students through live online classes for SOF IMO. We offer a super comprehensive course where you get 3 full length mock tests that is replicated from the previous years’ SOF IMO Math Olympiad papers, taking these mocks will give your children the confidence and be ready for the actual SOF IMO Olympiad. Along with that, you get tons of practice questions across topics and chapter wise test, which ensures your child is gear ready for the actual SOF IMO. You can visit our website www.sof.piverb.com or see to see questions and solutions to sample SOF Math Olympiad problems.

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